Our Story

Born out of our love of fine wines, O'Donnell Winery has become the premiere location for fine wines in Pennsylvania. After learning his trade in the Columbia Valley of Washington State, Vintner, Norbert O'Donnell traveled back home to create his fine wines for family and friends and settled at the historic colonial home at 25 Hayes Rd.


O'Donnell Winery offers fine wines in a relaxing atmosphere. situated off Route 11 in Berwick, Pennsylvania, just three miles from Route 80, offering indoor and outdoor seating in a park like setting   You are welcome to bring your picnic lunch and stroll the beautiful grounds. 

25 Hayes Road - The History - The Mystery

"Are the Spirits of Henry, Katherine, and Mary Alice ready to share the truth?  Only one thing is certain.  The story will change.  New information will reach across time and provide more insight into that night and the possibility of hidden gold coins.

Visit the winery and see for yourself.  Talk to the O'Donnells.  Ask what happened on July 18, 1933.  Does the O'Donnell Winery hold a hidden fortune in collectible gold coins?  Walk the grounds.  review the facts.  Count the bullets.  Ponder the mystery.  Listen to the spirits.  Dream of the treasure.  And most of all...

Enjoy the wine".



O'Donnell Winery